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Sunday, December 11, 2016

“I’m available.”

Many men don’t stop to ask for directions.

Many women wait for a man to show interest or approach. Some wait forever for their mister forever.

Most men fear rejection, so they won’t say boo to someone they’re interested in. They sweated it in a corner, telling themselves all the reasons why she will run away screaming. Not your alpha heroes, right? Well, maybe the alpha hero is busy saving the world or expects a woman to approach him. He can wait a long time. Alpha heroes typically have a skill set built by dedication to one purpose. This type can be all thumbs and no words (of hello). What about the famous, the hero may remain shallow being fed regularly, but how will they know when it is time to settle down?

The answer to many of these problems is simple. The woman has to say something like, “I’m available.” Asking where they work, what they’re favorite color is, their sports team, beer, anything. All this, won’t cut it. Many men need direction (and won’t ask for it).

Telling them something direct will flatter their ego and let them know they’re appreciated. A man wants to know he will make somebody happy, and it’s a start. He’ll look at the woman with new eyes.

But, you say, your heroine is shy. Yes, and alone. She can try something demure like, “I want to jump your bones,” LOL. OR, try something like, "are you feeling what I’m feeling?" Let's tone this down. How about, "I like you." If she cannot speak, she’ll need a mentor on her fictional journey, because a smile won’t cut it. Smiles are pleasantries; refer back to the hero being rejected.

You can structure your cute meet anyway you like, but meeting has always been the point. That’s why the cute meet is something funny or dramatic. It bonds them, drives them crazy, or creates instant animus.

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