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Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Edge

In real life and in some of our romances, the man adores the woman. This man dedicates himself to making her life better moment by moment. This brings him joy. This is a man who gets the meaning of life. Men and women were made for each other.

Most couples in fiction and real life do not adore each other. The man considers love (an active verb) hard work. Work he enjoys.

Some men have an edge. They struggle to balance their needs versus the needs of their partner. Perhaps they are doing important work, some project or devotion to the greater good of mankind. Can’t blame him. We can write him.

The edge often shows up in little or big spats, as clashes over the direction of the partnership. This is inevitable.

It can be unhealthy if anger enters the equation. It is unhealthy if anger mixes with domination of any kind. We can’t write that, can we?

Every facet of a man and woman’s relationship is fair game in romance fiction, but in order to achieve an HEA one has to show change from bad to good.

What kind of relationship do you have? What kind of relationship do you prefer to write?

Woman, John Lennon, 1980

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