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Sunday, July 17, 2016

A Wedding

I was blessed to be in New York City this weekend for the wedding of my nephew to a compassionate, exotic, beautiful, talented, loving gal.
Joe received his education at a Franciscan University. He had seriously considered the priesthood or brother-ship. The Franciscans encourage all their young men and women to find their calling wherever it leads. Joe and I had discussed his options. I relayed the story of my similar education and how I loved women too much to ever second guess. "Be true to yourself," I said.
Joe is the kindest, most sincere person I have ever met in my life. When Ilyane (Elaine - Dominican Republic spelling) stopped every man who wooed her before they got their foot in the door, she was not prepared for Joe.
She wants to get her doctorate and help the mentally handicapped. No man should slow her down. But Joe lit up her life and the light shown a path where she need not compromise. They are so good for each other and are now walking a path of grace together. Which includes a honeymoon in the Dominican Republic. I picture my nephew blown away by now by her. Man and woman, husband and wife.
I watched the way they looked at each other, her with her saucer eyes and big smile, he with his kind visage and total focus on his mate.
There was no place I'd rather be or do than witness their vows and celebration. My heart took a direct hit.

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