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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Guys don’t wear make-up so why should you?

I’ve written about this before from a slightly different perspective and not covering the following nuance.

Women sometimes dress, put make-up and act to attract men. But most guys basically don’t care. Sure they’ll notice, but are you their type? I’ll venture to say that every man has preferences and sometimes getting to know a woman trumps that.

Let’s say you’re a busty Barbie-doll blonde when the guy you’ve set in your sights on, secretly prefers skinny Asians. That guy can’t help but turn his head to take you in because that’s his base physiology. To put it another way, it’s instinct or it’s the way God made man.

The only way you’ll get anywhere with this particular guy is to show off your life values and personality. He may very well fall in love, but he’ll never tell you you’re not his type. Why, because he loves you and he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. From personal experience, I can tell you that he will enjoy you, very much.

This particular guy may pay attention to the blonde and appreciate her femininity, but he’s unlikely to pursue her.

There’s a difference between noticing somebody’s beauty and really being attracted to her.

Here’s a funny way of looking at this: Guys don’t wear make-up. They may be wearing two different colored socks, so why would they care about your eye shadow or short shorts.

I realize that many women dress to please themselves, but we are talking about the male POV in a romance or other genre. So, if you are writing a male character keep in mind how they perceive God’s most beautiful creation even if the beauty before them is not their cup of tea.

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