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Sunday, January 10, 2016

A Wash and Wear Heroine*

Is your hero a pragmatist or realist? Or a mixture? It’s important as it relates to love (or any story). An idealist will do everything he can, every moment he is given, to insure the success of the relationship. This type of hero is also more likely to think his gal is 100%. He doesn't needlessly worry about her feelings or commitment but always nurtures them.
A realist will except the divorce rate, and hope and work for the best. He won’t think about mystical concepts like soul mates. He too will tend to do reasonable things to keep the relationship going and growing. There’s good in both positions and most people are a mixture of both. The mixed hero may treat the love match as something eternal while worrying about his partner’s dedication.
On the negative side of these philosophies, the idealist may lose touch with reality. The pragmatist might not feel enough to save a faltering relationship.
Before writing reactions that show these philosophies, it’s important to decide who your hero is down to his core and why and how (backstory) he got there.

*The title refers to someone who is easy to relate to or low maintenance. Which hero is more likely to think of or be attracted to a heroine because she's low maintenance?

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