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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Sound Of Music

Tomorrow night, December 5th, 2013, Thursday, 8 PM til 11 on NBC, Carrie Underwood will pay homage to a much beloved role and actress, Julie Andrews. I'm sure she'll do well. But that's not why I'm writing.

My mom is suffering from a form of dementia, but she remembers completely only one movie, The Sound Of Music. But that's not why I'm writing.

This movie is a romance, first and foremost, with a very traditional happily ever after. Is it epic like Doctor Zhivago? In a way, yes. It's not as sweeping. Is it inspirational like one of Judy Duarte's romance novels' inspirationals? In a way, yes. It's not as focused.

So what is it about this movie/play/TV production/book-memoir that endears the audience to it? I'd like to say, there was never a greater evil to inhabit the earth (Nazism) and for love to be the weapon of choice in defeating this evil makes us all feel better. So better not miss it, if you write romance or are human!

For the record and to get ready for tomorrow night:
20th Century Fox's promotion for The Sound Of Music,
starring Julie Andrews & Christopher Plummer, 1965.



  1. Even as a kid I loved this movie, and I'm not particularly a romance lover. I think Carrie will be awesome at the role.


  2. Hi Donna,

    Toingiht's production is actually based on the the theatre version . . . very little difference. Mary Martin played Maria on Broadway starting in 1959. Then came the incomparable Julie Andrews for the movie role. Whatever its history of production, the 'show' (based on a true story) i so fundamental to the health of the human soul.

    I saw this when I was a teenager. In my mind, not only was it great to beat up on Nazis, but they captured teenage love, family life (although strict), the adventure of escape, agirl choosing between becoming a nun or marrying, and the hopelessness she felt. It hit me, I had considered becoming a priest, maybe, but like maria, the opposite sex was too stron a pull. They call these two choices vocations in the Catholic faith and they really are. They require an act of complete love and dedication to do the vocation justice.