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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Devil or Angel

Devil or Angel

Do guys like devils or angels? Do they like the naughty girl or the straight-laced? It depends. Are we talking straight laced to the point it must always be the missionary position and only on a harvest moon? Are we talking naughty to the point that she ties you down, literally (and then performs a ritual sacrifice)?

Of course, the answer is, it takes all kinds, but you had better show both the hero and heroine considering what they like and don’t like, what they want from a life partner.  I’ve read some romances in which I have no idea, beyond sex, why the two are together.

I think it would be interesting to have a hero or heroine who is both straight-laced and wild. How fun is that? Think, the naughty librarian. How about a woman who is addicted to porn (by herself) and is caught (extremely unlikely and I wouldn't write that, but . . .)? The unusual may not be very close to real life, but it would certainly be memorable and it would leave your reader with something more to worry about.

DEVIL OR ANGEL, original recording, 1956, by The Clovers

I want to know if you're a devil or angel. The ms. I'm working on now is all about a devil or angel. I got my inspiration not from the song, but from one of our own great and famous authors, Linda Thomas-Sundstrom. Nobody writes this type of character better.

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  1. LOL..... Devil or Angel, eh? Dark vs Light. As for myself, I'm a D'angel. *big smiley face* to Bob... the boy writer.
    xo Linda