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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Bachelor revisited 2/19/2013

For those who don't like The Bachelor consider that total emersion 24/7 for 2 months on one subject is not unlike the Stockholm syndrome. In this case, you can't help but fall in love. A useful tool for a romance writer to know. IMO

On THE BACHELOR last night (Monday – 2/18/2013) my wife and I discovered that Catherine is half Filipina. My two daughters are half-Filipina, so we’ll root for Catherine.


When Sean visited Catherine’s family it went really well, except Sean worried because he didn’t get Catherine’s mom’s permission to marry her (she’s 1 of 4 remaining). I asked my Filipina wife Del if that was cultural. She said that it was. So, Sean should figure that out or Catherine needs to explain. My wife also said that the sisters telling Sean she wasn’t ready for children yet was a correct assessment (“sisters know”). I being the romantic disagreed. I said maybe the show changed her. She got on the show originally to see what would happen, have some fun. But eating, drinking, living ‘love’ 24/7 tends to change people.

Sean is like a puppy dog. He loves everybody more or less. He is also trying to be mature and make decisions. I hope he finds happiness. Hot off the presses: Sean, although he has had sex long before the show, is dedicating himself to waiting for marriage. Better do that with a Filipina, Sean.

Sean considered sending Catherine home but sent Desiree instead. Desiree’s brother ruined it for Desiree by calling Sean a playboy and overall just giving him a hard time. Sean couldn’t see how he’d get along in a family situation. Once again logic: if her brother felt that way, then why not talk to his sister about why she went on the show and what her experiences were there. He’d never accuse her of being part of a harem (or would he). Instead he accused a guy, without really knowing him. Before people are married they tend to date more than one person until they make their choice. It’s unlikely Catherine will be picked (I don’t look at spoilers).

Ashlee’s backstory is heart rending. She is also gorgeous and the most eloquent and mature of the three remaining.

Lindsey is so funny. She stepped out of the limo on night one wearing a wedding gown. She followed that up with a string of one-liners.
One of the lines from a novel of mine goes, ". . . those flaming heterosexuals."

Catherine and Sean:

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