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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Doo wop is like a contemporary romance, Nov. 28, 2012

Do0 wop romance songs are like contemporary romance novels.

Both have tightly constructed harmonies that the reader is used to.  Ask any editor.

Doo wop is often mostly acapella. Today's novel still relies on our imagination presented in black and white.

Both have a consistant simplicity built around the ageless emotion: love.

I get romantic, nostalgic, and a smile I can't wipe off when I listen to Doo-Wop. Sure, every generation, every year, have their love songs. They're all good, no great. They recall first loves for many. They offer escape into a fantasy. You're in high school or college. That boy you always wanted to meet thrills you with some goofy remark. He likes you.

There are romantic arcs in many of the songs and some just capture the moment.

As a writer, capturing something that is both the same and different in romance is the trick to being remembered and "bought."

TEARS ON MY PILLOW by Little Anthony and the Imperials


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