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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine's Day 2/14/2012

Happy Valentine's day: In a modern world full of temptation many men and women have secret loves. President Jimmy Carter had admitted to 'lust in his heart.' I'll just assume without taking names that each of you have secret loves, and most of these remain unrequieted and secret. Although, many guys will assume you're in love with them, but that's another issue. Oh, you may call it a crush. It could even be just a normal attraction caused by being human. It may be 'that' cover guy on the latest romance.

So for Valentine's day, I'd like you to picture a hero or heroine who for one reason or another keeps his or her secret love hidden until the third act.

I confess. I love Doris Day.

Here she is as Calamity Jane singing Secret Love.

As a side note: after the release of this song, it became a huge hit in the underground gay community of Manhattan, NY (and no, I wasn't there and am not gay). The song struck a chord with all communities, some not knowing why. So look within yourself. Do you have a secret love? Well, it might not be best to tell me on this blog, because your 'secret would be no secret anymore.' But you could email me privately and confess. I'll give you absolution and a promise not to tell a soul.


I've got a valentine's gift for each of you. Until midnight 2/14/2012 my first novel, Neanderthals and the Garden of Eden, is free on Kindle.

Homework: Well this is about male POV so . . . Who's better able to keep a secret, a man or a woman?


  1. Great Blog, Bob! I love Dorris Day, too! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Doris Day rocks! Love all her movies... but of course, have to admit that I like them because of her mates. Come on... Cary Grant, Rock Hudson, David Niven. Oh, wait! David Niven as a heart-throb?? Hmmm... maybe not so much that one.

    As for crushes, no one actor floats my Valentine Crush boat. I tend not to like the ones in the movies now. I don't find them attractive or SUAVE enough to drool over. Don't know what happened to "chic." And "sophisticated" is way out of the current crop of actor's league. MILES out of their league.

    Hugh Jackman comes the closest to the real manly-man gorgeousness. With those pop-out claws in Wolverine, I could be persuaded to bake that guy a heart-shaped cake.

    Happy V-day, Bob.

    1. Her romantic comedies were great. I think "Pillow Talk" was the first adult book I read (without it being required)and now that I reflect, it influenced what i like to write.

      Linda, cozy up at the piano with your wine. I wrote a little something just for you, "You areee my inspiration . . ."

      Remember Rock carrying Doris down a New York street? She's wrapped in an electric blanket and tries to get a cop to arrest him.


  3. Hi Bob -

    I've never seen Calamity Jane! I love The Pajama Game though, remember that one? Steam Heat! LOL

    I think women keep better secrets than men...

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    Lisa :)

  4. Happy Valentine Day ~~~ =)

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  5. I was completely in love with a guy I worked with on my last ship. Of course, I had to keep it to myself. I was his supervisor, after all, and he was extremely junior to me in rank (can you say fraternization?) but he was close to my age, educated (bachelor's degree), and he'd been a high school teacher and volleyball coach in a previous life. It was his gorgeous eyes that hit me first, and then I fell head over heels with his personality. He was so easy to talk to and to laugh with. He could be so very funny and then serious. I hope someday I can find that kind of connection with someone again. I'm so darned introverted, it's nearly impossible for me to connect with someone on that level. It's actually pretty ironic that I write romance, but maybe I do it because it's what I'm looking for...

    Thanks for another insightful post, Bob!

  6. Hi Angela,

    You are hereby absolved of your sins. For forgiveness, I want you to throw three hail Mary passes at civilians off base. Just kidding. What you wrote took courage. All I admitted to was loving Doris Day which is a complete dodge.

    You've given me a lot to think about.
    We'll talk & thanks for supporting my blog.