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Sunday, January 6, 2019

Puerto Rico

Guest blogger: Robert Ricciardi
Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico means port ruler. This can aptly describe a proud people (who didn't choose statehood).

What I am about to write might seem like politics, but it’s not.
Point 1: Two weeks ago, Mr. Richard wrote about Decòr. He suggested that many men start out slobs in a marriage. And then tongue in cheek how this could lead to divorce.

Point 2: Suppose you’re married and you have a budget of $2000 each month. You must pay for food, mortgage, and various other bills. If you are lucky, you’ll save some for your children’s college education. Your back yard fence needs major repair but that will have to wait. Do you repair the fence and buy no food? Do you repair the fence and not save for your children’s education? No, and besides it still wouldn’t be enough.
PRIORITIES. Right? Good.

Point 3: Then you’ll agree that one could make an analogy to the people of Puerto Rico, all of them U.S. citizens, our family. They need help and we have a limited budget. Why is it we have to fix the fence before we completely help Puerto Rico (our family)? It turns out we are rich and can spend some on the fence or wall, but our people’s destitution comes first. Some of you will say that the people of Puerto Rico brought it on themselves by not choosing Statehood. Hey, how many of you have teenagers in your family who have a different opinion? I'm not saying Puerto Ricans are teenagers. The family still stands. We have a moral duty to all our citizens.
Point 4: Most homes have no front wall. It you are the kind of person who won’t stand for dissent in your family, perhaps you should build a wall to keep your family from escaping.

Okay, maybe this is somewhat about politics. Will Mr. Richard save me?
Bob Richard: Men who are always right should live alone. Where’s the romance in that?

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