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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Frank talk from a southern lady

"I would love to spend this time with you, so I definitely accept… so easily said, but I need to remind you of two things," Raven said, leading into confession number two. "One, I've only been with one person, I want you to keep that in your mind. The second thing is that my last boyfriend, my ex that I was intimate with, never made me orgasm."
A 25 year old Arkansas woman reveals to her prospective husband on national TV that she has never had an orgasm before. Not kidding. You can’t make this stuff (dialogue) up. Well, you can, you’re a writer, but would you want to? Do the words seem contrived? Are southern women way different than the way most people see them? Are we, as writers, missing things because of our own habits and education, both of which are too often frozen in a time warp. I don’t know, but I can give you two insights.
1. ABC’s The Bachelor tells their contestants that if they say something inappropriate they will be bleeped (so be yourself). This may have emboldened Raven to speak from her heart. The problem for Raven (if she thinks it's a problem) is that ABC decides what’s bleeped.
2. Raven might have been getting back at her ex-boyfriend. She seems like an intelligent, funny, frank and sweet gal. So, no I don’t think so. You decide.
Our characters are memorable because of the way they act, say and think, so reality check aside, how much does our readers yearn to turn the page?
Watch and listen, it may be a orgasmic idea. Writing hit novels is like achieving an...over and over again.
Below are two videos in which she reveals her secrets.

Confession 1: Raven professes her first time love.

Confession 2: Raven reveals a very private secret to Nick.

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