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Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Trophy Girlfriend/Wife

The trophy girlfriend/wife
The younger the hero the more likely he is to approach the most beautiful woman in the room. Don’t blame him. It is only natural or part of our evolution through natural selection.
The problem arises if he is fixated on looks and fails to develop a relationship that is mature, fails to recognize qualities like an empathetic or good heart as I have addressed last week.
In case of these failures, the hero needs to grow (and what an arc that would be). The term trophy girlfriend/wife objectifies and diminishes the woman. The hero may not think he’s attracted to a trophy. He may simply be overwhelmed with the desire to possess, but that’s a different problem.
Picture a gorgeous woman on the arms of a powerful man. Will people label them? Did he marry a trophy? Did she marry for money? It doesn’t matter. It’s what’s in their hearts that count. Only the writer knows for sure when he/she writes this kind of story.
There are thousands of songs or odes to beauty, so I’ll just pick arbitrarily (well with the accent on the young).
Frankie Avalon, 1959, Venus.
Image result for frankie avalon venus wiki

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