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Sunday, August 7, 2016


Sometimes I look for an excuse to play a certain tune at the end of the blog post and link it to my idea, like Promises, Promises, but today I was inspired by the exit song at St. John’s Encinitas, Surfin’ USA!

This choice might seem odd for a church but they’re having a party today, a fiesta. It fit.

Surfing is like carrying out a commitment.

A surfer is in love with la mer, the sea, respects her, can’t wait to get back to her. He takes his time with her seriously, never stops learning how to be one with her whim, her curves, how to please, how to find inner peace and fulfillment. When apart he dreams of her.

When your hero says, “Let’s go steady.” Or, “I do.” What are some of his initial reasons? Are they a mix of uncertainty, selfishness, lust? Nothing wrong with lust, but “linking-up” to have a great treasure (trophy) (taking her away from other men) or because he fears never getting hooked is not only not enough, it is likely the wrong reasons. No worries, this is certainly grist for the writer’s craft, his internal growth. If expressed by a great writer it can be memorable.
Don't just make a commitment, live it.
The Beach Boys, Surfin' USA, 1965 Warning: this song has the ability to lift spirits and get you dancing.

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