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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Heroes Don’t Understand Handbags & Shoes

Yes, yes, they’re bought to match other apparel. But a guy doesn’t see that, no matter if he’s alpha, beta, gamma, an artist or creative type. Addressing his growth in understanding the opposite sex is necessary in a romance, but I’d be wary of expecting too much in the shoe department.

Once upon a time, guys (and sometimes, some gals) went hunting and brought home to the cave protein necessary for survival. The women used everything they could from the kill or catch. The more pelts, bones, etc., the more successful the tribe.
Guys often laugh with buddies, about their lack of closet space or the amount of shoes Imelda (insert wife’s name here) has. Why is this funny? Guys see survival (the kids’ education, food on the table) and think of the cost of said shoes and try to smile because they love their mates. Gals see a successful marriage. Although they aren’t strictly in a tribe, they are in a village of their making. Women are more social, generally. So, to not dress properly sends the message to their friends that their marriage has failed. Men don’t usually wear many variants. Their tribal message when they dress solidly is that their marriage is successful.

So you can tell a guy until you are blue in the face about this and he won’t understand. Listen, I’m a senior citizen. I just figured it out last night. But us renaissance men do eventually solve problems.
David Bowie, 1983, Let's Dance (Red Shoes)

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