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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Be Willing To Serve

Many times a hero and heroine are embroiled in making a decision of which is more important, a career or their relationship. This is often a necessary ingredient to a good story.

However, advancing a career is an integral part of not only their ability to put food on the table but their willingness to serve, to give back. Hopefully, the hero or heroine take this same approach to how they love each other.

It need not be preachy. It does, IMO (and many others), need to be part of the charm that helps sell your characters to the readers.

In the Hallmark premier of Date With Love, 2016, the heroine, a movie star, worries that her new boyfriend is using her to advance his career (he writes). He worries that she is just acting to advance her career or have a little fun.

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