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Sunday, April 24, 2016

I Ain't Your Momma

A nine or ten-year-old girl asks her nanny how do you know if you’re in love.

“You’ll want to share something beautiful with him.” (As seen in Hallmark’s October Kiss).

Of course, the nanny wanted to simplify for the girl, but it was obviously emanating from her heart. There's a lot to her words.

Let’s elaborate from the male POV.

A guy’s in love. He wants to share something he finds beautiful with his gal.
He wants to think up interesting things to entertain or lighten her mood and show he cares.
He’s focused on her happiness.
He’ll always be thinking about how he can make her happy, make her feel wonderful.
He’ll anticipate her needs and he’ll think outside the box to discover something to tickle her fancy, to make her laugh.
He'll revel in her femininity and thank God every day for his fantastic creation.

Yes, where is this guy? Well, IMO, he’s much more likely to be a Beta than Alpha hero.

Not that Alpha’s, so driven, can’t wake up. The arc just has to be deeper and described (shown) without shortcuts.

Your heroine’s renaissance man awaits the author’s nimble fingers.

One example of the opposite of personal love in a guy is demonstrated by a man who marries or seeks a gal just like good ole’ mom, i.e. hoping his laundry, food etc. is taken care of and his ego is soothed. We all know too many examples of guys who never straighten their room in college or anywhere or anytime else. He’ll wash his car, not the tabletop, because his priorities are ego-centric.

Here’s a kick-ass song by Jennifer Lopez called I Ain’t Your Momma, 2016.

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