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Sunday, July 19, 2015

I'm Old and Healthy

I'm Young and Healthy, 42nd Street, 1933, Dick Powell sings:

I've always loved this song and the dance constructed by Busby Berkley. But I laughed at the line, "maybe in a year or two or three we'll be too old." I assumed it was his pick up line rather than a pervasive prejudice directed against older (over the hill) people.

As society progresses one prejudice after another is weakened. Today, we have young men singing about Michelle Pfeiffer. We have the press and the audience admiring a brave Caitlyn Jenner. On and on.

The baby boomers 50s & 60s are a huge part of our society, so why not write or produce what people of all ages want?

Dear network exec,

I've got an idea for a show. It's working title is Second Chance. It stars 50 & 60 year olds in search or love but instead of handing out roses, let's make it carnations.

Sincerely yours,
RW Richard

For those who abhor reality shows, and I know you are out there, step back, wait a minute. This basic idea could be a best selling book as well. Go ahead, write it up. I have too much on my plate right now.

I'll leave you with this thought: with the divorce rate so high and so many lonely people wanting to get it right the second or more times around, aren't your readers waiting for you to tackle this? It doesn't have to be about 1 gal and 25 guys to tell a good story.



  1. Bob: Great idea, that book about second chances. I'm also too busy right now - editing two books to come out this fall - but I love the idea. From Phyllis, who is on marriage three which turned out to be the "ONE"


  2. The greatest collection of love stories ever told.

    Buy Make out Behind Bars by J. Zaraiya now!!

  3. Reality love shows *blows loooong raspberry*

    Some are ok - I did watch Married at First Sight and it was ok. I'd like stuff more directed at "mature" adults. We still have a lot of life left in us, and not just for watching grandkids :)