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Sunday, September 21, 2014


Alpha heroes love their bodies (or nobody else will).

In order to maintain a body often associated with or seen on covers of alpha heroes, one must be dedicated to good health, healthy food and exercise. Toss in a little vanity and the awareness of sexual attraction and you may have a character you weren’t looking to write. Picture someone who weighs themselves every morning, goes to the gym (is regimented) and counterbalance that against the image of an action hero who is always on the ready. On the one hand, you may have someone who is focused on maintaining health and on the other hand someone who is ready to jump in front of a train to protect the heroine.

Herein lies an excellent opportunity to paint your hero as conflicted. Anything less might end up coming off comic book hero-esk. I'm not saying he has to interrupt saving the heroine to go to the gym, or am I? Do you think the subject of food might come up, if the guy has a six pack and it ain't in the refrigerator?

For today's video I picked a cute and for some infectious song that’s rising in the charts, which is a bit of a counterpoint to my argument, but maybe not. The song basically says, be comfortable with yourself. It pleads the case for a curvy woman. I personally prefer the stick figure girl derided in the song, but to each his own.

Body types. I’m a bit ectomorph with an athletic regiment past and present. I’m not saying necessarily that ectomorphs go for ectomorphs. My wife just discovered after all these years that I have “skinny” legs. She inspired me to compare and notice that her legs are that of a farm girt. Did we screw up? Well she hasn’t thrown me out, and neither will I give her the boot with my skinny legs.

ALL ABOUT THAT BASS by Meghan Trainer, 2014. (Notice the use of colors throughout this video.)

P.s. Cassi Carver was absolutely beautiful in her photo shoot Saturday. That girl needs no touching up, but it will be fun to see how the artist manipulates the shots.

Kudos to Tameri Etherton as well.

Also, I disagree with the song about touching up photos when it comes to professional book covers, because it’s not about the cover, it’s about making the cover a window to the book.


  1. Bob: No, don't let the hero go to the gym instead of rescuing the heroine. Right is right. By the way, did you mean "Kudos to Tameri Etherton"?

  2. Love the video. It's true we love our sexy cover models and that in reality, most of don't care about perfect, but we're daydreaming here right?