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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Bad Girls

In real life, guys who are looking to marry might consider a bad girl too much work, too much risk. In the movies and in our stories it's a different story altogether. Lauren Bacall was nineteen in the following famous scene. Bogart was forty-four. Not only was he intrigued for the movie, they married.
The director had asked her to lower the register of her voice. The sass came naturally.
A friend of mind succumbed to the charm of a complete tease, so it does happen, and it is he who now teases her too. Guess he learned a bad habit from a good friend and lover.
This clip from the movie, To Have and Have Not, 1944, showcased a new talent, Lauren Bacall, opposite the great Humphrey Bogart in a sexually charged scene. He had no chance.


  1. Thanks for the clip. I was a big fan of Bacall. She was one of the great ones.

  2. Me too. She offered an alternative by example to 1950s women and was a precurser to the women's movement for equal rights.