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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A new critique group, November, 12, 2013

Announcing a new critique group:

One advantage to joining this group might be that your male characters will become more real, (if not already).

I belong to a general writing critique group which meets every Friday for 3 hours. They’re great but I feel the need for a romance critique group to sharpen a very specialized genre.

Since RWASD members and others who follow this blog are spread out geographically, I picture a small online critique group. Maybe a total of four members. There is a possibility of meeting in person, perhaps on special occasions. I live in La Costa and can host. Our jobs would be to critique one scene a week and send it back by the end of the week at the latest and then start over.

Any romance genre is okay by me. I'm sitting on four contemporary novels right now: some rom coms, some paranormal (actually unexplained phenomena would be more precise). I have written a young adult about Robin and Marian (novella) and multi-protagonist love and adventure story set 100,000 years ago (not strickly a romance).

Those who sign up should email me at not the Blog's email. Let me know if you want your name shared on this blog or not and a little about yourself and what you are doing. I’ll choose the three who will join me.

We’ll need a name for the group. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

RW Richard (Bob)

I videod my critique group. I picture the new group as three gals and me.

Thanks to a long forgotten but great movie, Twelve Angry Men, 1954-1957, TV, stage, movie.

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