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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Bizarro World, September 8, 2013

Bizarro World

Last week I wrote about a strange rift in the space time continuum, otherwise known as male/female relations. I wrote about the beach. Funny, at dog beach, all the dogs seem to know it’s neutral territory. The Jets (bulldogs) and Sharks (tea cup poodles) (refer to West Side Story for more) have no problem mixing but don’t mix it up. For humans it is not neutral territory, it’ds vortex of sensuality that sucks you into each other.

Well if you got my driftwood, boys and girls and men and women find it easier to approach each other. Maybe because the adults aren’t wearing much in clothes and the kids just love to play.

There must be other places where this phenomenon can be observed. Yes. At any Romance Writers of America function. Why is this not proof of an alternative universe?

Good news guys (males). The business of RWA is to further the careers and promote excellence of romance writers. So they talk shop. Shop is about craft. Craft is about the happily ever after, except sometimes in the case of erotica which only makes the conversations spicier. So they talk love, and sex, both sweet and graphic. They had no problem when I first joined. They paid me no mind as penises and breasts, hearts and souls filled the atmosphere. I kicked myself. The sweet romance writers and the bawdy also had no problem sharing a table.

It was never personal, although once in a while a face would bloom red.

I worried that I would fit in or cramp their style but they treated me like one of the girls and we were definitely in the locker room.

I’ve got company but if anybody responds I will write concrete and very funny examples to amuse you. So male type people, whataryawaiting for, come on down to the next RWA function and join into a strange world where men and women have no problems taking about the most intimate things imaginable. You should be so lucky with your wife, or maybe you’d learn how to be so lucky with your wife.

I have to run, but I found out the hotel survellience tapes recorded our meetings. So guys, what are you waiting for?


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