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Sunday, August 5, 2012

So call me, maybe? August 5, 2012

CALL ME MAYBE, August 5, 21012

For those who write YA Romance, there is much to inspire from pop music.

CALL ME MAYBE: The song and the title captures the indelicate imbalance of ego, tease, want, confusion, mixed signals, fantasy, lust, love, and dislike. It has always been a big part of young pop songs. Just to name some, Wake Up Little Susie, Like A Virgin, Put Your Records On, [what's your favorites?], to Rolling In The Deep.

So call me, maybe? Well, her emotions are on display in the lyrics, but the video has a surprise for romance writers and a twist at the end. The girl pictures herself on the cover of a romance novel with her shirtless next door neighbor and the ending, we'll, see for yourself.

Guy's POV: When I was a teenager mixed signals usually turned me off. I was logical (me and Spock). I didn't 'get' mixed signals. I didn't always give up, but it slowed me down. By the time I got through college, I recognized this as charm, passion, and love of life.

CALL ME MAYBE by Carly Rae Jepsen

I've often thought vidoes could be embedded into ebooks to add another sense (after buying the right to use), but don't know how expensive this would be.


  1. LOL; loved the ending of this. Ain't that how it goes :)

    I never played the mixed signals games either. Too blunt and straight forward, even as a teen. I never went through the angsty thing.


    1. Hi Donna,

      When I was sixteen I told a girl in a general conversation about boys and girls that I couldn't be tempted (I intended to stay a virgin until married (Catholic)). She said she could leave me in a helpless state where I would lose my mind and take her right then and there.
      That's the first time somebody nibbled on and tongued my ear . . . and I was nearly helpless.
      Now that was blunt.
      We never repeated that. She wasn't my type or visa versa i guess. She partially won, but who really won? Both of us.