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Sunday, January 24, 2021

I give my heart to those in sorrow

Don’t discount old or new testament wisdom when writing. Some say the hero or heroine must show no weakness when in an antagonistic situation. Some say when you go on dates don’t reveal things about yourself that will make you look weak. Poppycock.

Yes, the very first time you meet it might be better to ask what’s your favorite color. Scratch that. Why not ask your date to say something, maybe a little thing, that’s personal about them? There’s an arc to divulging information that admits weakness and it serves a bonding purpose.

From observation and case studies I have noticed stronger bonds form when your opposite shares something ‘weak.’ When something weak comes out, the other person may walk away but another person may feel empathy. Having empathy, a wanting to protect or help that person is a first step in an arc to a solid relationship. Aren’t the best couples those who need each other?

But isn’t weakness, as divulged, a sign that the other will not be able to contribute in times of need? Psychologically, it’s the reverse. A person realizes and works at diminishing their weaknesses and sees that in the other. No one is perfect. If everything were perfect why would the other want a partner? There’s a nurturing instinct in all of us that should not be ignored. Is it as simple as wanting to help the other have a happier life? Isn’t that love?

So the idea here is to write a scene in which the hero and heroine have flaws and over time are willing to talk about them.

Doing something good for someone makes you feel needed or good.

Saturday, January 16, 2021



Finding your muse(s)

When I write I search for a model who captures what I think my hero and heroine look like. I try to capture them in the process of struggle, since the arcs of the story and scenes are so important.

In this novel, Cinnamon & Sugar, published by The Wild Rose Press, the two models above are exactly how I pictured them. In the story, Alicia, is compared favorably to any number of young starlets. Humphrey when first seen disturbs Alicia’s resistance, but she’ll struggle on.

BLURB: Humphrey Bertrand's genius-level IQ can't help him find his moral compass. His family is filled with racial conflicts and he struggles to find his own way. But he cannot let anyone drown, regardless of their skin color. Alicia Bloom, a gifted valedictorian and poet runs away from an abusive situation. While she is thankful to Humphrey for saving her life, she doesn't want to be tied to anyone. When an attempt on her life forces them to hit the road together to stay one step ahead of a murderous maniac they wonder if their dreams of a future will be put on hold permanently.

A note regarding recent events. People have told me I stole the story from the violence in D.C. I can’t write that fast. If ever you send a manuscript to a publisher you can expect a year to go by before it’s out. My story is about how love knows no boundaries, and how helping each other can create miracles. Naturally I don’t tell the reader that, I show it, and subtly at that.

Where I got the idea for the book: When I was caretaking my daughter, I read to her from my draft manuscript that I have since dedicated to her. I read to keep her mind off her pain and that she might have to leave soon. I never imagined her reaction. She cried, yes, of course, it’s a tear jerker, but it was more than that. It was how she loved, lived, and taught. She, being who she was, instructed a professional writer (me), on changes she wanted (demanded). Since it was on a subject (racial hatred and brother and sisterhood) that caused her to march just like her old man had done with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., she made me promise I get a “real” publisher and, “Dad can you help my boys?” I said, "yes, honey, all the royalties will go to them." So, Lani became my third muse and 1st angel.

The story is rated PG or G by me. Thank you, Bob Richard.

A note about the cover. I lobbied my publisher for Alicia as pictured above to be the cover. They overruled but I am happy with what they chose because it represents a scene in the story, which a portion of which became the excerpt.

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Wanting what some tell you, you can't have

 Before I start into my romance blog I want to say one thing once.

The vast majority of Americans, whether they be Republicans or Democrats are not like the Nazis, Qs, anarchists, supremacist's, traitors, insurrectionists you saw murdering, pilfering, desecrating, etc.. In that crowd were many who just came to support Trump (no matter what one might feel about him). They had no intention of breaking the law and did not ascend the steps. Our country is great because we have basically two points of view and the freedom to choose.

I can segue to... You see interracial and multicultural romances are the thing now and they get stronger every day. It's mother nature taking its course. As my Filipina wife says, halo-halo (mix-mix).

At the same time as the insurrectionists were trying to stop the U.S. government in D.C., in Los Angeles a young black women two blocks from her home, was saved from an angry 'stop the steal'  crowd she wandered thru by a big burly white guy (who was not angry, although part of the crowd). He whispered in her ear to stay calm, he'd protect her, and that they wanted to kill her. The guy lost his job because it looked like he was about to beat her up, but the woman, Berlinda Nibo, called his employer to protect him and explain that he saved her. You'll see something like this in my new novel coming out 1/18 (Cinnamon & Sugar)

What are we to do? Love thy neighbor for starters.

For years, I have complained about ABC not having enough diversity on the Bachelor franchise. Well, they have been steadily getting better at it, to the point that it is obvious to me that race is not a factor for the vast majority of Americans and for ABC they see profit and perhaps doing the right thing. For those who choose hate over love you need not read on.

We had Catherine a Filipina who married Sean (2013 - The Bachelor), a white guy from Texas. They have 3 beautiful children. We had Rachel Lindsey, a brilliant and lovely black attorney who as the first black Bachelorette (2017) married Bryan Abasolo. The flood gates are more than open. The most recent two bachelorettes were multi-racial. Clare Crawley, a statuesque beauty with a Hispanic/white heritage., she engaged a very handsome black man, Dale Moss. Next came the most gorgeous woman the show has ever had as the Bachelorette, Tayshia Adams, a black and white gal chose a white guy, Zac Clark. Does any of this make you want to order a rocky road. Well, it ain't so rocky anymore, unless you stumble into a Klan rally. I'd stay away from such. Bigotry is always a losing argument made by losers. Anybody who chooses hate over love annihilates his/her soul.

Now we have the first and current black Bachelor on ABC's The Bachelor, Matt James has the women swooning. He runs a non-profit to help underprivileged kids. He said a prayer with all the women that the journey would be fulfilling for all as they make friends and perhaps find love. He gave his first impression rose to a deaf gal, not out of pity but because of her spiritual and physical beauty. He's already becoming a big favorite with "bachelor nation" (fans and participants).

There are many other 'halo-halo' couples associated with the show. It seems the more the racists tell us we can't have that, the more we want it, lol.

Wednesday, December 30, 2020


Sunday, December 27, 2020



2020’s building collapsed on our backs and we are pushing out of our way great weights to dig out and see the light. And we will.

It’s that time again for resolutions. I will offer one writerly one.

All habits are initially pleasurable whether they are good or bad. For instance smoking is pleasurable until cancer consumes those who smoke and there are some on their death bed who need a smoke. To form a habit the experts say you have to be at it for 21 days straight, at the end of which you will receive sufficient reinforcing pleasure to continue. To break a habit the same period applies and during the breaking you will feel pain (a longing for those time wasting habits you so enjoyed).

Some of us have used the trauma of 2020 to not write. Resolve to move on. But how can we, when we have established bad writing habits? And what are these habits? For one, not writing every day means there is insufficient pleasure in the craft and insufficient practice to become better. Pleasure is measured in many ways. Feedback is a big way for writers, whether it be from a critique group or writing partner or just knowing you are off your game. Try to find your way back. If you don’t serve the master of writing every day, you will not write your best. In order to do this you must establish the habit by going at it for 21 straight days or until you notice that you must write or you’ll feel wrong. Establish time limits for drafts. Tell Alexa to set an alarm. Make a routine and stick to it, no matter what other “oh, I have to do this or that" enters your mind. Susan Elizabeth Phillips sets 2 hours in the morning when she’s at her best for creating new scenes. The rest of the day is a mix of other writerly tasks and her personal life. If your characters jump into your mind at an infrequent interval, you won't get to know them with any intensity. If you don't know them, your readers won't either.

Look around, what do you do in place of writing to fill up the day. Other pleasurable habits. Squash them or relegate them to a harmless time of day if you are serious about your craft.

This advice only works if you consider yourself a full time or nearly full time writer, because other jobs are important if you want to eat.

2021 will be a year of liberation.


Thursday, December 24, 2020

The final rose

 A moment in time

Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark got engaged on the finale of the Bachelorette. Yes, you say, that's nice. But it was more than nice. To watch the two of them interact with their expressions of love, happiness, and acceptance was unusual. The proposal was a master class for artists and writers in feelings, as shown on their faces, with their bodies, and through their words. Sean and Catherine of seasons past came close when they rode off on an elephant. BTW, Sean and Catherine have three children together. Tayshia wants five.

Apparently the fantasy sweets are (also) an intense way to get to the truth of a relationship. Tayshia and Ivan spent their whole night talking about how the marriage could work, but for one problem, Ivan may have been chosen rather than be rejected. He's an agnostic (doesn't know if there is a God). She's Christian. He said he would not object to her taking the kids to church but he would also express how he believed.

Some of my readers have told me that this falling in love with more than one person is unnatural. Well, it is because people don't invest, in general, in multiple serious relationships at the same time. The show created that. Think about it this way. You having nothing else to do for months but focus on a possible marriage partner. Compare that to the average person, who has to multi-task his or her life every day. They may date once or twice a week, but certainly less frequently than on the show.

When you focus on love, love is what you get.

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

The odd world of ABC's Bachelorette

 You'd think the ABC franchise of Bachelors, bachelorettes, and Paradise would have disappeared until the world got back to something resembling normal. For 2020 they couldn't save Paradise, but this fall they found a safe way to do the Bachelorette.

I know some of my readers do not like the show. You don't have to. I like to say I watch it for the dialogue. Try this, "my grandmama said worrying is like a rocking chair. You go back and forth but go nowhere." But for me it's more. I just love the show. Bear with me.

So ABC could no longer take the contestants all over the world like the Amazing Race. So that aspect was lost. But, this meant that the contestants had more time for each other (in theory). Enter Clare Crawley, a 39 year old woman who knows what she wants. She immediately falls in love with a guy named Dale. They get engaged and leave the show early. This has never happened. ABC, searched for a quick replacement to fill out the remainder of the season. How could this work for whomever said yes?

Enter Tayshia Adams, the most gorgeous bachelorette I have ever seen. The remaining men from Clare's shortened season practically fell on the floor when she sauntered into their lives.

Tayshia, an exotic mix of Mexican and black isn't just pretty, she had finely honed qualities any man would want in a wife. And all the men rapidly went crazy. She wowed me. She has  a mix of empathy, as if she had a doctorate in psychology, an ability to bring out intimate details from the men, a sense of humor, compassion ("I don't want to hurt anybody"), caring, and a great capacity for love, and she's so feminine.

In spite of being restricted to one resort (quarantine), this young lady is now my favorite Bachelorette. If you haven't watched the show it will air tonight and next week as she is down to four men. Since the season was cut a bit short, I predict a little chaos will occur around the finale. Oh what a lucky man or men??

Funny story about her. Her very conservative dad told her when she appeared in a previous Bachelor season not to wear a bikini. Obedient to her daddy she wore a two piece that was not flattering, but she'd look good in a paper bag. Well, this season, she must have worn down her dad because she put a bikini on and it was lights out for the men. Don't get me wrong. Her strongest feature is her deep love for her fellow human beings.